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Meet Our Models: Alysha Malik

Alysha Malik
How do you spend your days?

Currently, I am working at MM.LaFleur part-time, running RADICHE, an online community I co-founded featuring entrepreneurs and helping brands share their stories, and focusing on launching my own sleepwear line. 

Tell us about a passion of yours or an issue you care about deeply.

Climate change and global warming. Did you know that the cattle industry is the top contributor to CO2 emission? Yup. All of those steak nights, cow farts and deforestation of the amazon rainforest to raise these bad boys should get you thinking twice about your diet.

What does intentional living mean to you?

Intentional living means to make a difference, to make the world better with each action you take.

What are your favorite self-care and wellness tricks?

If I were stranded on an island, the one product I could not live without is vaseline. I am very much into nourishing my skin as well as eating healthy and avoiding meat when I can. Coconut oil is a secret treasure when it comes to cooking breakfast AND removing make-up.

What’s one thing you wish the world knew about you when they look at you in a photo you’re modeling in?

Modeling is something I started recently on the side through passion projects. Most people tend to think models are selfish, but I am a girls girl. #GotYourBack.

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