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It ain’t easy being green

Hey, it’s Sara. I’m taking you behind the scenes in building IMBY. It’s important to me, as the founder, that you see the decisions behind what we do here, and that you get to know us from the ground up!

I launched IMBY with the intention of being different. To be a fashion company focused on minimalism, ethics, sustainability, to promote a seasonless, lean capsule wardrobe… these are not things that most (I use most here on purpose– there are several amazing retailers focused on lean closets!)  retailers would endorse. Sales and margins hold might higher weight to most stores than the ethics in which their clothes were produced, or the waste that their customers produce by way of their purchasing habits.

IMBY aims to be radical, to be unapologetic in doing things in the way we feel are right. I didn’t start a clothing company for the sake of starting a clothing company. I started IMBY to take a stand and to be a different voice in the fashion community.

But I have something to admit: it’s really hard. Kermit the frog was so right when he said “it’s not easy being green.”

It’s hard to bootstrap a startup, to run a lean company, and to do things right. There are so many ideas I have for IMBY– giving away promotional tote bags, for example– that I can’t afford to do in a way I can stand behind. While I can get standard totes for $1 a piece, made in the USA totes start around $4. I can’t put your beautiful, new, American-made purchases in a made in China tote. It’s not right, nor would I want to. It’s not what we believe in. It’s not moving the needle forward on the fashion industry towards being less harmful on individuals and the planet.

I make decisions like this every day, and I am determined to do things right, to go the extra step to make IMBY a true embodiment of what we believe: our dedication to being low waste, as sustainable as possible, to focusing on American-made products. All of our shopping bags and mailers are made of recycled materials, as are our hangtags and business cards, for example. By focusing on a lean business and a lean closet, we are taking the “less is more,” sustainable approach to the whole company.

I wouldn’t stand for anything else, and neither should you.

Thanks for supporting me, and IMBY, in the process. It’s important to me that you know what we stand for, even if it means that we don’t have the coolest tote bags for our next pop-up. It’s important to me to do things right, even if that means missing out on some elements I wish existed.

With that said, we are moving forward full steam here at IMBY. We have a very exciting pop-up coming up Presidents Day Weekend (even though it’s tote bag-less!). Check out our Instagram for some clues where we will be… and take a guess for a chance to win a $25 credit to the store.

I will continue to share what’s going on behind the scenes, my struggles, triumphs, and more as we continue to build IMBY into the company I know it can be.

In possibility,

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