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I tried Instagram’s most drool-worthy healthy foods

Is there anything more addicting than scrolling through Instagram and staring at a feed full of the most delicious looking foods? Even better, lately, I’ve been focusing on the drool-worthy photos of healthy, well-balanced food that inspires me to eat clean and in a way that serves my body. I tried some of Instagram’s most trendy health food items, and here’s what I thought.


Move over golden milk, there’s a new colorful, health loaded latte in town and it happens to come in millennial pink. I was skeptical at first about a latte made from beets (I mean, this isn’t a salad, it’s a latte…) but holy yum! I am hooked. It has a slightly earthy tone while still being warm, sweet, and soothing. And you even get a serving of this highly-nutrient packed veggie. I got mine with almond milk and made one at home with coconut milk, both highly recommended.


Ok, the “freeze” from Pressed Juicery has literally dominated my Instagram, and luckily my office is just two blocks away from a location that serves it. If you are not yet familiar, freeze is like a frozen yogurt but it is vegan, refined-sugar free, and even paleo! The chocolate flavor, for example, has only four ingredients: cacao, almonds, sea salt, and dates. They even have a matcha flavor! Plus lots of healthy toppings like fruit, nuts, and some delicious drizzles including a raw cacao drizzle and almond butter. Consider me sold on this one. That wasn’t too hard.


I started on this bandwagon back in the fall and I ain’t getting off anytime soon! Acai and pitaya are superfood fruits that are full of antioxidants and lots of health benefits and also so so yummy. Plus, they allow you to make art with your food! I like to blend mine up with berries and other fruits, some superfoods, chia and hemp seeds, cacao, topped with bee pollen, fresh fruit, more nuts and seeds… you get the idea. Just load it up with lots of healthy things, and try not to go overboard on the sugar!


Let’s be honest, it didn’t take me much convincing to throw my hat in on the paleo cookie skillet game. I made this recipe from Rachael’s Good Eats and it was so delicious I literally could not stop eating it and hold on… I am going to get a bite from the second one I made this week because I ran out. OK, this might not be the healthiest thing in the entire world, but it’s made of totally clean and healthy ingredients and is arguably okay to eat for breakfast. Stop judging.


Let’s face it: most of our smoothies are loaded with sugar and not much else that serves our bodies. That’s why I was intrigued by Kelly LeVeque’s Fab four smoothie, which includes a balance of protein, fat, fiber, and greens, plus a moderate amount of fruit and superfoods. These smoothies keep me full for longer and are a well-rounded way to approach using a smoothie as a meal or healthy snack! Using this formula has really transformed the way I approach smoothies without sacrificing the deliciousness.

Well, there ya have it, a round up recreating some of the yummiest looking healthy recipes I could find! What healthy recipes have you been trying out lately? Join the conversation over on Instagram.

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