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How a Capsule Wardrobe Saved My Morning

Sheyenne's easy work look

This guest post is by Sheyenne Lacy, IMBY’s Marketing Intern! 

I’m sure we’ve all been there before. Work is at 10am, alarm is set for 8am, everything is going great. Next thing you know, it’s 10am and you’re not even out of bed yet! 

That happened to me this week. But I was able to walk into the IMBY offices 30 minutes later, feeling stylish and calm, including a little bit of time for makeup and lint rolling! So how did I do it? 

A well-curated capsule wardrobe and a healthy dose of mindfulness.

Curate an intention-driven capsule wardrobe

I’ve been on my minimalist journey for about a year and a half. I started curating my wardrobe with the intention of reducing stress. My goal was to be able to make it out of the door fast, without sacrificing style.

To achieve this, I decided to stick to a monochromatic color scheme. My most prominent color is black because it’s slimming and always in-season. But I do have a few colorful pieces to compliment the mood I’m in. I generally reserve those items for dinners, events and going out with friends. 

I also have a work and school “formula” that I developed to further reduce the stress of getting dressed. Focus on comfort, mix textures, balance fits.

Taking inspiration the effortless outfits seen on off-duty models makes me feel stylish. But there are no wrong answers in fashion, all that matters is that you feel confident in the clothes you’re in.

Mistakes happen, the key is mindfulness

I knew that beating myself up for being late wasn’t going to make me the clock turn back. But, it might actually affect my mood so much that my productivity suffers at work. 

I set my intention to be complete all the tasks I knew I had to do while at work. Thankful I wasn’t running outrageously late, I left the house feeling optimistic.

Other time-saving tips

Dry shampoo is a life saver! Every blog and magazine says so, and I agree. I like to keep my hair in a messy low bun but I also have bangs which need some styling. Luckily for me, baseball caps are in style right now. I throw one on to elevate my look and save the world from my messy morning hair. A hat in your favorite style is a nice thing to have on hand when dealing with bad hair days.

I drink a pre-made nutritional shake in the morning. I like it because keeps me energized until mid afternoon. Other good options could be healthy breakfast cookies, overnight oats, and smoothies.

Have a KWP ritual: Keys, wallet, phone. The three most important things to remember when leaving the house. I keep these things in the same three places on my person so that I can use muscle memory to make sure that I have them. My phone goes in my back right pocket, my keys hook onto my pants and my wallet goes in a little bag that I can drop in my purse.

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Sheyenne Lacy is the Marketing Intern at IMBY, and is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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