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Follow Friday: Alden Wicker of EcoCult

Welcome to Follow Friday! Every Friday this month we will be featuring a person or brand that inspires us as a company.

Our first Follow Friday is Alden Wicker, founder of Ecocult. I have been a big fan of Ecocult for a while, and I recently have been getting to know Alden through our mutual participation in the Ethical Writers Coalition. I love Alden’s commitment to living a sustainable lifestyle (without glorifying it!), her unapologetic views on sustainable living, and for pushing the envelop and taking new approaches to the topic. I also appreciate that Alden supports and encourages companies that are taking steps (even baby steps) towards sustainability, instead of berating them for not being perfect.


Alden’s wearing a knit cap from a consignment store, a Nicolino coat that was made in NYC, a CynJin button-down shirt made in the U.S., IMBY’s Rogue:Minx Vegan Leather pants, and Nike shoes, because she likes the environmental innovation Nike is incorporating into their shoes!

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