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Fall weekends with a minimal price tag

Bet you didn’t know that the first Saturday of October is International Frugal Fun Day– but hey, it’s upon us! We’re celebrating by taking on some new adventures that hit hard on our passions and soft on our wallets.

Here are a handful of ideas to get you started:

  1. Ramp up your meditation game: We’re pretty lucky that one of the best things for our brain and wellbeing, meditation, is also something completely free. There’s no better day to start than today! Meditation has proven to literally change your brain and help you with everything from enjoying your food more to severe depression and anxiety. Added bonus: you need no supplies and you can do it anywhere. Namaste.
  2. Take a drive to look and look at Fall foliage: Ah, nature. Fall foliage is so rare and fleeting, don’t forget to take advantage when you can enjoy those beautiful colors. Plan your trip with these helpful foliage maps. Perhaps on your journey you may find somewhere to go apple picking as well? We love activities that lead to useful and usable bounties, and apple pie is really calling our name as of late…
  3. Plan a 10×10 wardrobe challenge: Whether you have a capsule wardrobe or not, a 10×10 challenge is a fun way to try some new styles and bring some creativity into your closet. How it works: pick 10 items of clothing (and shoes!) that you will wear for 10 days. Mix and match, and see what you come up with! We love this activity because it really pushes us to try some new styles that we never would have explored otherwise. Check out Lee of Style Bee’s 10×10 StyleBee Challenge, as well as Andrea of Seasons + Salt, and Paige of Style This Life for inspiration.
  4. Conquer a new hobby: That hobby that you’ve been wanting to try for weeks, months, years? Carpe diem. Get started on learning to knit or vlogging for the first time. Need accountability? Find a local meetup group so that you can find other enthusiasts of your new past time.
  5. Plan a potluck with friends: What better way to spend a Saturday than with great friends and great food? Organize a casual potluck gathering to keep costs down and creativity high. Need some recipe inspiration? We got yo back.

What are your favorite low or no cost, minimal Fall activities? Let us know in the comments below so we can fill up our Fall calendars.

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