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A peek into my Fair Trade Shabbat dinner

Last Friday night I had the pleasure of hosting friends over to my new apartment to celebrate Fair Trade Week through a Fair Trade Shabbat dinner. It was a beautiful melding of my love and passion for ensuring the products I buy are made using fair labor and sustainable processes, and my love of rest, unplugging, and Shabbat. I serve on the board of Fair Trade Judaica, an organization that advocates for Jewish ritual objects to be made under Fair Trade conditions, supports artisans, and educates the Jewish community on why fair trade is important.

One of my goals was to exemplify the beauty of artisan, Fair Trade goods through how I set my table. And that’s where the addition of GlobeIn‘s ‘host’ artisan box came in perfectly– it included a beautiful table runner, a condiment serving bowl with a spoon, and a pitcher, all made by artisans in Mexico. In addition to the GlobeIn pieces, I included Fair Trade chocolate from Divine and as well as a discussion, using Fair Trade Judaica’s resources. We discussed the importance and impact of shopping Fair Trade, including how it’s better for the environment, safer for the workers, creates sustainable local economies and more from this useful list.

OneTable, a social dining platform for millennials hosting Shabbat dinners, generously provided support for the dinner as well, allowing me to make a fully-Whole30 and Paleo meal! Even the challah was Paleo, though my guests were far more kind on their review of it than I was. I prepared a kale salad with delcata squash, roasted delicata seeds, and a homemade blood orange tahini dressing, roasted carrots with tahini drizzle, pistachios and fresh mint, roasted balsamic chicken thighs, and roasted sweet potatoes.

It was meaningful to have friends over to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart, and the delicious food and beautiful table setting didn’t hurt either. As you likely know if you’ve been following me for a while, I find it necessary to stop and think about where our items are coming from, prioritizing sustainable, ethical, organic, and Fair Trade choices along the way. While shopping entirely this way may not seem possible at this moment, start to make small decisions. When shopping for chocolate bars, pick the one that is Fair Trade certified (it will have a symbol on the package!)–  it often is not more expensive and is just as delicious (or more!).

When you buy responsibly-made and sourced products, they tell a story beyond “I got it on sale at Target.” They support a person’s livelihood, someone put thought and effort, not to mention time, into crafting that product for you. To me, those items mean so much more than just a good deal I got at a big box store– they connect me to others across the globe, and they bring meaning into my space. How do you live your values through your purchases? What questions do you have about Fair Trade? Let me know in the comments.

This post is sponsored by GlobeIn. Thank you for supporting the brands that support IMBY!

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