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How to practice self-care according to 5 wellness experts

Oh, being kind to yourself. It sounds lovely and all, but who has the time? Or rather, who makes the time? Turns out self-care ain’t just a nice to have– it can and will help you de-stress and therefore be more creative, have more energy, and be more present in everything you do. In fact, how you treat your body (including what you eat, how you unwind, and more) can literally affect the expression of your genes and impact deeply your overall health.

Convinced? We are too. So we turned to five experts in the health and wellness space to get their thoughts on how you can practice self-care starting today.


“Spend time with the people in your life who matter. We are so quick to pack our days full of work demands and to-do’s. Make relationship a priority and schedule in quality time with the people you love!”

– Kayleigh Pleas Vogel, Positive Psychology & Wellness Coach


“Tune in to how you feel moment to moment (both physically and emotionally) and make decisions from that present, mindful place. If we use it wisely, our feeling state can serve as a sort of internal GPS that either helps us move towards things that truly make us feel amazing and raise our vibe, or away from things that don’t. The thoughts we’re thinking and the actions we’re taking are always bringing us closer to or farther away from a state of personal alignment – so staying mindful and prioritizing feeling great are the keys to filling up that self-care cup (and subsequently staying happy and healthy).”

– Casey Von Iderstein, Founder, Karmic Wellness


“Self-care isn’t one size fits all. Find something that really nourishes you and fills up your cup. For me, it’s lavender Epsom salt baths and time spent by the ocean. Take time to explore and learn the activities that really rejuvenate with you and then regularly make the time for them.”

– Cassandra Bodzak, Founder of and LightMaker Lady Boss Coach


“The best thing you can do for yourself is to create a morning routine. This one change will make a huge impact on your life. Before checking your email or scrolling through Instagram, start your day focusing on you! Make time for meditation, movement and a healthy breakfast – do what feels best for you. The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is have a big glass of water and meditate. After meditation, I find a way to exercise. Many mornings I go for a run with my husband and dog or will find a pilates or yoga class in the neighborhood. Movement is a big part of my morning routine and sets the tone for the day.”

– Erica Joy Dunn, Reiki Master + Founder, The Wellness Mercantile


“Self-care means showing up for myself in every moment of every day. Some days that means getting those mundane tasks that I’ve been avoiding done (like budgeting, paying bills, cleaning), other days it means setting and expressing my boundaries with others and some days it means doing absolutely nothing and being ok with that. ”

– Minerva Arias, Holistic wellness alchemist, Roots Healing

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