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Capsule Wardrobes: An introduction

There’s a lot of buzz lately around capsule wardrobes. The concept is simple: create a highly curated closet of 25-40 pieces (tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes) that are versatile enough to last you a whole season. Your limited number of items are what you have to choose from when getting dressed every morning and for a night on the town, and they are what will represent you for the next three months.

I came across my own capsule wardrobe in an accidental way. My boyfriend gave me one drawer in his apartment (gasp!). My commute is over an hour, so I had to make sure my single drawer allowed for a multitude of events– going to work, drinks with friends, weekend errands, and important meetings. I packed it with the items I wear most often and those that I felt I could style in a variety of ways. Little did I realize it would be the beginning of my own capsule wardrobe, one that I have come to love. I love it because I no longer stand in front of a closet in the morning and feel I have nothing to wear. I wear the things I love, and I wear them often. And I don’t feel bad about repeating outfits that look great!

Research shows that we have a limited amount of willpower to make decisions every day. The 20-minutes you spend staring at your closet in the morning trying to decide what to wear literally depletes your ability to make decisions later in the day. That’s why President Obama, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg wear the same thing every day: in high-power role, they realize it is not worth using up their valuable decision-making power on picking out an outfit.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that your style should suffer either.

IMBY was founded on the principles of capsule wardrobe: we carefully curate a collection of clothes that are versatile and that all mix and match. That way when you pick up a pair of pants, you can rest assured that they will match with your two new shirts as well. It is all easy to wear and while we feature essentials, they aren’t boring. By picking pieces you love and look great in for your capsule wardrobe, you’ll look great in much less time, and have more time and decision making power to spend on the things that you care about the most.

We’ll be chatting a lot on our blog about capsule wardrobes, how to style different pieces, and featuring individuals who have followed this lifestyle, so stay tuned for more.

Have you experimented with a minimal or capsule wardrobe? Let us know what worked for you!

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