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The Ultimate Minimalist Gift Guide

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Oh, minimalists– perhaps some of the hardest people to buy gifts for! We’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide to gifts that are both noteworthy and practical. Curated with the sustainably-minded gal (or guy!) in mind, check out our picks for your minimalist pals below– or snag something for yourself. Don’t worry, we won’t tell!


  1. Blanket for peace and water by Teysha: This beautiful virgin wool blanket is more than just a stunning piece for your house— it is woven by indigenous artisans in Guatemala, and for each blanket you buy, one is donated to individuals at Standing Rock who are enduring harsh conditions to protect sacred lands and waters.
  2. Torrent Planters by btwceramics: Made by hand in Los Angeles, we love the simplicity yet sass of these beautiful planters. Not to mention no two pieces are exactly the same, so you are giving an authentic, unique, and mindfully made gift.
  3. Ware of the Dog Bowl by Nicholas Newcomb: Don’t forget about Spot this holiday season, he deserves a handmade present too! These beautiful dog bowls come in three sizes and are handmade in Brooklyn, NY. They are also dishwasher safe.
  4. Wool dryer balls by LooHoo: Laundry has never been so… dry. We love these 100% domestic wool, made in Maine, colorful dryer balls which reduce the amount of time and energy (and there for $$!) required to dry your clothes.
  5. Vejibag from The Grommet: Rotten vegetables will be a thing of yesteryear with this 100% organic cotton, made in the USA bag that keeps your veggies fresh and slime-free. (If you haven’t checked out The Grommet yet, you should— they feature small makers and help them launch products. We dig it).


  1. Fisher sunglasses by Warby Parker: Sleek is the word with these cool shades. Made of titanium, these sunglasses will elevate any outfit.
  2. Pocket bum bag by Hipsters for Sisters: Go hands-free with this elevated hip-bag. Made with eco-friendly certified vegan leather in Los Angeles, you can wear the bag around your waist or with a longer strap for a cool girl, yet extremely practical, look. We prefer to go fanny-pack style.
  3. Stripes and squares wrap by IMBY: The perfect gift for any lady in your life. Made of 100% recycled cotton and polyester in the USA, this sassy wrap is one size fits all and loved by women of all ages as the perfect addition to any outfit. Plus, it’s reversible, providing versatility for those with a minimal wardrobe.
  4. Circle Bangle by Sofia Ramsey: Simplicity at it’s finest. We love this bangle for its understated charm, adding a little personality to even the simplest of outfits. Handmade in Brooklyn, NY, the bangle is plated in 14k gold.
  5. Sofia Slip-On by Nisolo: We love everything Nisolo makes, but we can’t get these slip-ons off our mind. With the perfect, 1.5 inch heel, fully lined leather, and the versatility to dress up or down any outfit, these are our go-to slides for this spring. Another thing we’re pretty excited about? Nisolo’s 5 for 5 club. Talk about a pretty sweet gift!



  1. The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees: We love this book because of its useful walkthrough of how to build a mindful closet that works with your style. Plus, the design and photography is top notch. Swoon.
  2. Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life by The Minimalists: A useful, helpful guide, and inspiring story, into how to live with less while being much more fulfilled.
  3. Let it go! by Sherise Seven: An adult coloring book, based on the principles of mindfulness and gratitude. Color your worries away!
  4. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo: The now cult-favorite guide to decluttering and cleaning up your home, we love Kondo’s focus on only holding onto objects that bring you joy.
  5. Debt-Free Living: How a Spending Fast Helped me get from Broke to Badass in Record Time by Anna Newell Jones: We’re so impressed with how Jones pulled herself out of $25k in debt in just 15 months with a spending fast. Mindful spending at it’s best.
  6. Do Less: A minimalist guide to simplified, organized, and happy life by Rachel Jonat: A useful guide on simplifying your life from finances to clutter to your commitments, and live with less stress and more happiness.



  1. Silver tote by Obvious State: We’re kind of obsessed with this tote bag that reads “and wash the dusk with silver.” Made and printed in Brooklyn on a 100% all-natural cotton bag, we love Obvious State’s live for the intersection of words and design (psst- they have amazing cards too!).
  2. A5 from Memobottle: Hydration is key. That’s why we love the A5 water bottle— slick and small, built with eco-friendly materials and packaging, meant to fit in your pocketbook or among a pile of books inconspicuously.
  3. Draft latte by La Colombe: While we generally prefer our lattes out of a mug, this will be our go-to canned option. Packaged with 100% recyclable materials, and with long-term partnerships with coffee farms, this draft latte is as eco-friendly as it gets if you are looking for a grab and go option for busy mornings.
  4. Cuppow from The Grommet: Effortless transition your mason jar into a to-go cup with this BPA-free, made in the USA lid. Ta da! 
  5. Mouciun Baggu Bag by Moucin: Fold up this chic little bag and keep it with you at all times— it’s perfect for stopping at the farmers market, to carry your laptop in, or whatever extra space you may need. It’s even machine washable!
  6. Lifestraw Go by Lifestraw: With a built-in filtration system, this water bottle is perfect for meandering around the city or the globe. Fill it up and feel confident that your water is clean. Outdoor enthusiast? We also love their Lifestraw Steel which lets you drink directly from any body of water (yes, you read that right!).


  1. Half toe grip socks by Toesox: Made with organic cotton, these grippy socks help you stay in place during yoga, barre, pilates, ballet, or may even cooking dinner?
  2. Hand-hammered singing bowl by Mandala Trading: Perfect for your meditation practice, we love this handmade in Nepal singing bowl.
  3. Meditation cushion by Awaken Meditation: This meditation cushion helps you sit aligned during meditation, and is made with 100% cotton and filled with natural buckwheat.
  4. Pure joy massage candle by Soapology: Hand poured in NYC with vegan ingredients, this massage candle provides aroma therapy and can also be used directly on your skin as a moisturizer! Double duty. #winning



  1. Natural deodorant by PiperWai: Not sure what to get for your beauty babe? Don’t sweat it. We’re HUGE fans of the PiperWai— the founders and the product! This all natural, charcoal-based deodorant actually works (we use it!), and is finally available in stick form.
  2. BUFF by Flynn & King: This 100% natural facial mask and exfoliant will leave your skin smoother and brighter. Made in Brooklyn and shipped with recycled packaging.
  3. Cocoa Skin Cream by Meow Meow Tweet: Vegan, organic certified, and small batch made in New York, this daily moisturizer only has four ingredients! Plus, we love that you can get a sample size to make sure you love it before you go all-in.
  4. Reusable cotton rounds by Cute and Funky: Reduce your waste with these organic cotton and bamboo cotton rounds. Perfect for removing makeup, just throw them in the wash and reuse.
  5. Facial bar by Giving Soaps: We love the simplicity yet effectiveness of this facial bar. A mixture of activated charcoal and rose clay, Giving Soaps also ships their packages in 100% recycled content.


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